Business Phone Service & Phone Systems

Your business communications are about to get a whole lot easier. With StateTel Business Phone, you get reliable, crystal-clear phone service from a hometown telephone company that’s been serving local businesses like yours since 1909. Plus, our phone systems provide flexible functionality to fit companies of every size.

Sign up for our Unlimited Nationwide Calling, and chat with colleagues, clients and customers anywhere in the U.S. for one affordable monthly rate.

Call (518) 731-6128 to order business phone service and learn more about our phone systems.

Local Business Phone Service

For StateTel and StateTel Athens customers.


+ Taxes & Fees*

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Unlimited Nationwide Calling

Talk all you want with unlimited local and long-distance calling within the US from State Telephone Co. and StateTel Athens.


+ Taxes & Fees*

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Additional Calling Features

Customize your business phone experience with a variety of popular calling features and add-ons, including voice mail, caller ID and call waiting.

  • Voice Mail $4.00 /mo.
  • Caller ID $3.95 /mo.
  • Call Waiting $2.40 /mo.
  • Caller ID Block Free
  • Speed Dialing $2.40 /mo.
  • Conference Call $2.40 /mo.
  • Call Forwarding $2.40 /mo.
  • Call Forward on Busy $2.40 /mo.
  • Toll Restrict $2.40 /mo.
  • Call Return $2.35 /mo.
  • Repeat Dialing $2.35 /mo.
  • Call Trace $0.60 /mo.
  • Third Party Notification Free
  • Call Wait Interrupt $2.40 /mo.
  • International Block $2.40 /mo.
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Business Phone Systems

StateTel has can offer many solutions for business telephone systems, from small 2-3 phone systems to hundreds of handsets. Voicemail and may other options are available with these systems, which can be purchased or leased.

If you purchase a system, StateTel will install and charge per hour for any maintenance, phone issues or programming that is needed over time.

If you lease, pay a monthly fee and all service, maintenance, phone issues and programmer are free for the length of the lease.

Our phone systems technician can come to your home or business and assess your needs and provide options and pricing, Call the business office at (518) 731-6128.

Business Phone Service Q&A

Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about StateTel Phone service.

Anywhere from a several hundred to several thousand dollars depending on the size and complexity of the system.

We can order and install most systems within a couple of weeks.

You call the StateTel repair line at (518) 731-6123 24/7/365.

* The StateTel unlimited long-distance calling at a rate of $19.99/mo., plus taxes and fees. If you would prefer to use StateTel’s rate per call long distance plan, please call (518) 731-6128 for pricing. StateTel is also served by all major long-distance carriers. You may shop your long distance at any time by contacting the long distance carrier of your choice, and advising them that you are served by StateTel. Both you, the customer, and the new long-distance carrier must contact StateTel to advise us of any changes in your long distance. All StateTel Phone customers are required to carry long-distance service.

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