High-Speed DSL Broadband Internet Plans

If you’re lucky enough to live in an area with Fiber Optic Internet, we recommend you go for it, but in more rural areas, where a fiber connection is not available yet, StateTel’s DSL internet service is your best bet.

DSL connects you to the internet over a telephone network, but it uses a modem, so it’s always on and it does not tie up your phone line, like dialup does. Plus, DSL broadband provides you with a dedicated line directly from our office to your home or business. So there’s no sharing bandwidth with your neighbors, like you do with cable.

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DSL Broadband Advantages Over Dialup and Cable Internet

  • 24/7 connection to the internet
  • Phone and internet can be used at the same time
  • Dedicated line, no sharing bandwidth with neighbors
  • More reliable connection
  • Faster speeds

Best of all, you don’t need to sign a contract to get these great deals, and all of StateTel’s high-speed internet plans also include 24/7 tech support.

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Call (518) 731-6128 to order, or bundle your fiber-fast internet with home phone service for a fully-connected home.

Broadband Light


No installation Fee / No Contract

3.2 Mbps download speed
320 kbps upload speed

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Broadband Basic


No installation Fee / No Contract

7.2 Mbps download speed
768 kbps upload speed

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Broadband Plus


No installation Fee / No Contract

9.6 Mbps download speed
768 kbps upload speed

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Broadband Deluxe


No installation Fee / No Contract

15 Mbps download speed
768 kbps upload speed

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  • Broadband with No Dial Tone + $5.00 /mo.
  • Email Address + $10.00 per email address /mo.
  • Modem $50.00 one-time charge
  • Wireless Modem $75.00  one-time charge
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Which Internet Plan is Right for You?

At StateTel, we don’t expect you to understand what bandwidth is, or how much of it you need. That’s our job. Give us a call at (518) 731-6128, and our team will be happy to help you determine the right internet plan for you in a matter of minutes, simply by asking a few simple questions.

  • Number of Users. If you’ve ever tried to go online in a house full of teenagers, you understand the need for more speed. We’ll take a headcount to ensure you have enough bandwidth to support everyone in your home or office.
  • Number and Type of Devices. Multiple TVs, mobile phones and computers can quickly eat up your bandwidth, and some devices, such as gaming consoles, use more than others. We’ll take all of this into consideration when recommending a plan.
  • Internet Usage. Are you just checking email or working from home? How you use the internet impacts the amount of bandwidth you need. We’ll learn a little bit about your online habits to determine the optimal speed for your level of use.

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DSL Broadband Internet Q&A

Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about DSL Broadband Internet Service.

DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line. Using digital technology, information is transmitted over the phone line for internet and data purposes.

100% of the StateTel territory is covered by DSL service. DSL service is distance dependent, generally the best service is withing about 15,000 feet from one of our serving offices. DSL is a best effort service.

Call the StateTel business office at (518) 731-6128

Most times we can install DSL within a day or two.

One or two of our installation techs will arrive, they will check your existing phone line or run a new drop wire (from the pole to the house) and insure you have a clear signal. You may or may not need a NID or Network Interface Device on the side of your home. The wires from the NID run into your house and need to be checked for clarity. The techs will then set up a modem that will connect into your computer for the DSL signal.

Varying speeds and differing speeds at different times of the day are normal for DSL service. If you experience a prolonged or regular drop in speed, please contact the internet repair service office at (518) 731-8123.

Please contact the internet repair office at (518) 731-8123.

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