The Fastest, Most Reliable Fiber Optic Internet Plans

Think your internet connection is good enough? If it’s not fiber, it’s not even close. Hundreds of times faster than DSL, fiber is the most advanced internet technology currently available. It’s not only faster, but it’s more secure, it’s more reliable, and it’s here! Can you tell we’re excited?

Thanks, in part, to grants received from the NYS Broadband Program, StateTel is now able to offer fiber internet service to customers in select areas of Ravena, Coxsackie, New Baltimore, Coeymans & Athens NY.

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Connect more. Stream more. Save more.

Get More of Everything with Fiber Optic Internet

Fiber uses light waves instead of electricity, allowing data to transmit farther and faster than with a cable or DSL. Plus, it provides superior reliability and performance because there is no interference from the elements. In addition, StateTel provides you with a dedicated fiber optic connection, so you’re not sharing your bandwidth with the neighborhood, or leaving the door open for hackers.

What You Can Do with Fiber-Fast Internet

  • Connect multiple users and use multiple devices at the same time
  • Stream in HD with no buffering
  • Enjoy virtually lag-free online gaming
  • Work from home with no service interruption

Best of all, you don’t need to sign a contract to get these great deals, and all of StateTel’s high-speed internet plans also include 24/7 tech support.

Even Faster Fiber Internet Plans

While most households will find 100-150 Mbps more than sufficient for their internet needs, if you’re a competitive gamer, or have an office or apartment building with many users, you may require additional bandwidth and speed. StateTel has a plan for you, too. Simply give us a call at (518) 731-6128 and we can provide you with a custom Internet plan and quote.

Fiber Basic

Great for web surfing , HD streaming, and online multiplayer gaming.


250 Mbps download speed
125 Mbps upload speed

  • Easily supports 5+ devices
  • No contract
  • $0 Installation Fee
  • $0 Router Fee

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Fiber Plus

Great for telecommuting, sharing large files, and live streaming video.


350 Mbps download speed
175 Mbps upload speed

  • Easily supports 5+ devices
  • No contract
  • $0 Installation Fee
  • $0 Router Fee

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Fiber Extreme

Great for larger households, heavy streamers/gamers and power users.


500 Mbps download speed
250 Mbps upload speed

  • Easily supports 5+ devices
  • No contract
  • $0 Installation Fee
  • $0 Router Fee

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Which Internet Plan is Right for You?

At StateTel, we don’t expect you to understand what bandwidth is, or how much of it you need. That’s our job. Give us a call at (518) 731-6128, and our team will be happy to help you determine the right internet plan for you in a matter of minutes, simply by asking a few simple questions.

  • Number of Users. If you’ve ever tried to go online in a house full of teenagers, you understand the need for more speed. We’ll take a headcount to ensure you have enough bandwidth to support everyone in your home or office.
  • Number and Type of Devices. Multiple TVs, mobile phones and computers can quickly eat up your bandwidth. And some devices, such as gaming consoles, use more than others. We’ll take all of this into consideration when recommending a plan.
  • Internet Usage. Are you just checking email, or working from home? How you use the internet impacts the amount of bandwidth you need. We’ll learn a little bit about your online habits to determine the optimal speed for your level of use.

What You Can Do with Fiber-Fast Internet

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Elevate Your Game

Lightening-fast fiber means no more lag, so you’re always one step ahead of competition.

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Work from Home

Crystal-clear voice calls and high speed internet help you get the job done.

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Stream in HD

Never miss an episode from your favorite streaming providers with our high speed internet.

Fiber Optic Internet Q&A

Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Fiber Optic Internet Service.

Fiber-Optic wire is made of glass and is very, very small. The glass enables light to flash through it at very high speeds in order to transmit data. This is why Fiber-Optic is so much faster than any other technology.

Fiber-Optic service is available to about 80% of our customers. Please see the coverage map to determine if you are within the service area or contact our business office at (518) 731-6128 or email

Call the StateTel business office at (518) 731-6128

Most times we can install Fiber-Optic within a few days.

You will receive a call from our installation dept. to discuss how we will run a fiber optic drop wire (from the pole or pedestal on the road to your house). A construction crew will come and hang a drop wire or may work with you on where to bury the drop wire to your house.

A new NID or Network Interface Device will be placed on the side of your home. The wires from the NID run into your house and will go to modem. This modem will allow computers to be wired into it or have wireless capability that will allow computers and other devices to connect.

Consistent and level speed is the hallmark of Fiber-Optic service. If you experience a drop in speed please contact the internet repair service office at 518-731-8123.

Please contact the internet repair office at 518-731-8123.

Outside of insuring a viable speed tested internet connection, StateTel does not provide networking services. If you have problems with devices or need full networking capability please contact us and we will provide recommendations for local companies.

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